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Unity and Improbable are quarrelling over the removal of permissions to use SpatialOS

Unity, Improbable and Epic Games are quarrelling over the removal of permissions to use SpatialOS due to a change in Unity’s terms of service.  The problem came to light in discussions late last year with Unity clarifying their position to Improbable this week according to reports.

Improbable released a blog post “Unity’s block of SpatialOS” saying;

“Overnight, this is an action by Unity that has immediately done harm to projects across the industry including those of extremely vulnerable or small scale developers and damaged major projects in development over many years. Games that have been funded based on the promise of SpatialOS to deliver next-generation multiplayer are now endangered due to their choice of front end engine. Live games are now in legal limbo.”

Due to a change in Unity’s terms of service specifically clause 2.4, developers are no longer allowed to “operate or create SpatialOS games using Unity, including in development and production games.” 2.4 states that Unity cannot be run or simulated in the cloud, or over a remote server, “without a separate license or authorization from Unity.”

Many developers are left in shock. Smaller games developers working on yet to be released games are left in an uncertain environment. Do they switch to a new engine, wasting time and resource? Developers that have been working on titles for almost two years are left with the real problem, that migrating a title to another engine would be incredibly difficult. Resulting in additional hiring for the new engine, and re-writing the game code from scratch. Something that would end most small companies as their delivery dates get pushed back.

According to an Engadget article Joachim Ante from Unity informed them, “This is a unique case — and not a situation we take lightly — but Improbable left us no choice,” Unity claims to have informed Improbable more than a year ago.

At Slanted Theory we are pleased to inform our customers that this change does not affect our ALAIRA platform we do not use Improbable’s SpatialOS, therefore you can still immersive yourselves in our environments to analyse and visualise your data.