We're listed as one of the Top 50 companies to watch.

We’re listed as one of the Top 50 companies to watch in a report by Creative England. We are super excited to have been named as one of England’s future most innovative and inventive creative companies.

The Creative England 50 (CE50 Full List) report, identifies and celebrates businesses and individuals from across the country producing creative content or products.
Slanted Theory is among 50 companies selected by Creative England to be part of the report in recognition of their ability to turn creative ideas into commercial success.

Laura Smith, Cofounder at Slanted Theory, said:
“Creativity is essential when we think about new ways to visualise large amounts of data. Slanted Theory is looking at new ways to visual a number of datasets combined into 3D visualisations with ways to collaborate easily and interact with them, that not only includes your sight, but immerses you with touch and sound. So thinking outside the norm is a daily practice for us. Our clients come to us looking for a creative approach to data visualisation, we’re always seeking new innovative ways to advance the human-data connection, that helps to reduce the data gap between users and the analysis teams, that is continuing to grow the more data we produce. We are thrilled to be included in CE50 report and encouraged by the recognition being given to SME creative businesses across the country.”

Caroline Norbury MBE said: “The creative sectors are a cornerstone of the UK’s economy and key to driving future growth and prosperity. They are worth £92bn in GVA and are outgrowing the wider economy by twice the rate. They employ 2m people – over 3m in the wider creative economy when we count non-creative roles – and make over £21bn in service exports”.


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