iPhone X

The iPhone X

The new iPhone X (pronounced iPhone “Ten”) has packed a lot into it. With Apple Chief Tim Cook declaring the phone “the biggest leap forward since the first iPhone”.
The top model costs £1,149 removing the fingerprint ID in place of facial recognition unlock, wireless charging and the ability to map your face to an emoji, goes on pre-order from the 27th October. Getting your hands on one will be a challenge, even if you can afford it, we suspect you’ll need to go full on Indiana Jones just to find one available.

With a top to toe screen that has a notch that includes the front facing camera and sensors the new screen features a Super Retina Display, OLED of 1125×2436. The phone still resembles the iPhone 7. The phone includes the new A11 chip which Apple claims is 70 percent faster than the A10 and 3 Gigs of RAM. The new hardware including a new gyro and accelerometers to deliver the better experience for motion tracking, is there to support augmented reality, “ARKit” which was announced back at Apple’s WWDC.

iPhone X Augmented Reality

Since ARkit was announced we have seen some pretty cool demo’s from the re-creation of Aha’s “Take on Me” video to virtual Space X rockets. The future of AR will continue to grow, but with Apple’s involvement, the spread across the mass market will happen faster than people might think. Google’s Tango which was incorporated into devices like the Zenfone AR offer an alternative choice to Apple, which still includes true room depth sensing capability. However, the spread across the consumer market is likely to be slower, but let’s not forget ARCore which will certainly compete with Apple.

iPhone X Rex

The war on AR is heating up, opening up all sorts of future use cases. We will be implementing our experimental ideas, and it has got us pretty excited!