The Apprentice

The Apprentice visits Virtual Reality

When I heard that Lord Sugar was looking at Virtual reality in Episode nine of The Apprentice this week I was quite excited to see what the team would come up with.

The instruction of the tasks ahead were delivered in a virtual environment using the HTC Vive. A Lawnmower Man style Lord Sugar appeared in the virtual board room to give them their tasks. Watching the video created of Lord Sugar that flickered in an out like a bad war game scenario was amusing. However his line that anything can be done in virtual reality was very true, as the board room spilt apart and the contestants found themselves above Earth floating around in their chairs in space.

24 Hours to make a game to present at Comic Con in London! We watch as the poor game designers and artists sit with the teams and try to bring their some what underwhelming concepts to life. “Gordon’s lost his Badger” and “Magic Shells”, both equally look like they are aimed at 5 years olds and not the crowds at Comic Con.

We watch as their ideas come to life and they pitch at Comic Con. Cringe worthy moments were had as we watch the painful pitches, especially Magic Shells. I loved the editing of the BBC showing the look on the faces of the crowd as they watch the Magic Shells in game video before the team have even explained the game.

Back in the boardroom Lord Sugar reveals that Gordon’s Lost his Badger had 5 out of 7 game experts say it had potential. While Magic Shells had 0!

Nice try folks, and well done to the company that had the patience to deal with them!


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