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Oculus is hiring

According to the Oculus recruitment pages there are over 100 positions listed across many disciplines. Thirty-three of these are for roles in Research mainly at its Redmond base which is dedicated to the future of VR. Top of the list is an “AR Incubation Lead” to head up a team that will “will build AR technology that opens the path to everyday use for a billion people”.

At the Oculus Connect 3 conference earlier in October, Michael Abrash (chief scientist) talked about the expectations of VR technology improvements over the next five years. This was boosted by Oculus Research launching a $250,000 grant initiative to look at the key he outlined in Perception Research .

Other positions in “Software Engineering” “Interns & CO_OPS, University…” and ‘Hardware Engineering,” are largely based at its headquarters in Menlo Park, with Software Engineering PhD Interns in a number of “Tracking” areas, with positions that indicate expansions in Hong Kong operations. The development of a UK London base for VR development earlier on in the year, all points to Oculus/Facebook betting heavily on Virtual Reality.

Image Credit: Oculus


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