Network Data Visualisation

Human Networks Data Visualisation - ARS Electronica

This year we had our network data visualisation built using CISCO employee data showcased at ARS Electronica.

“The naked ape is a social animal. We have always been connected to each other through networks of relationships. Digiti-light Human Networks is a collaborative VR environment that immerses people in the digitized map of their organizational network, enabling them to understand and feel how they are connecting and collaborating.”

The project with CISCO and IFTF was called “Digiti-Light the Human Networks”. It looks at individual pathways of influence across an organisation.

The data visualisation displayed how people are influenced and give influence, not just those around them but those located in different geographical locations. Who engages more, where does the top talent lay? As digital technologies make visualisation and understanding human networks easier and faster, the way we interact and how we work together is changing.

In today’s advancing digital era, companies are moving from established ways of working and measurements to flexible networks. Networks that can react quickly to new requirements from customers as well as their own employees. Therefore creating new understandings of leadership, opportunities within an individuals professional network. With our data visualisation tools at heart of that discovery.

This work has so many different facets, we’re really pleased with the way it has turned out.

To try out the technology it is based on Request a demo and try out the immersive visualisation.