Google Daydream View

Google Daydream

With the recent announcement of the Daydream View virtual reality headset, Googles new Daydream View headset will launch on the 10th November. The headset uses mobile phones that meet the Daydream standard to view VR content. Google have release a blog that talks about the major points of the headset, taking Google into the mainstream for VR content.

Video Image Credit: Google

The headset is set to retail around £69 in stores in the UK, EE and Carphone Warehouse are set to release it on the 10th. Using mobile devices to view VR content, closely linking it to the new Google mobile Pixel, the headset will go on sale with a motion controlled wand for one hand. Google is challenging the market with the likes of the Samsung VR Gear which uses its mobile devices as the viewing screens. Google has developed the Daydream View to work with phones that have all of required hardware and sensors built into the phone, making the headsets relatively cheap, similar to Samsung model.

A boost for the Google Play Market, as Google utilises the Android platform. A number of releases for the View will be ready to go on the 10th, and it looks like they are challenging Valves Steam and Oculus Stores in the users ability to discover new VR content. The Play Market will have a specific area for all VR content that utilises all the of features of the Daydream including its controller. Warner Bros., are capitalising on the controller and are planning to release a game to promote its Harry Potter-spinoff. nDreams have developed a game Danger Goat, that has you guiding a runaway goat through traps and puzzles to get him back home.

Video Image Credit: nDreams

Google has joined the number of companies, Oculus, HTC, Valve, Microsoft, Samsung, in getting into the VR game. Demonstrating that each think that VR and AR will be a massive market.