Force Directed Graph

Force Directed Graph in VR

Data visualisation is our bag! We are constantly experimenting with different ways to interact and see data as 3D within the virtual environment.

Using a Les Misérables data set, we created a force directed graph that demonstrates clusters of characters and their scene relationship between them. Each link demonstrates the number of times a character has been seen in a scene with its adjoining character. The virtual environment is multiplayer, and enables remote users to handle data nodes and clusters at the same time and manipulate data together and in real time.

The base multiplayer background is something we have had for quite some time. Enabling uses to join us in our environments when talking about and looking at data is a vital part to collaboration and understanding data.

You might note in the video that our mic’s are muted, while we are sure you would love to hear our mixed accents, we want to open your mind up to the endless possibilities of data visualisation.

If you would like to see your data in our environment, just get in touch! Keep an eye out for more various types of visualisations and gesture control experimentation videos coming online soon.