Apple Glasses Concept

Apple are entering a new phase of virtual and augmented reality glasses.

Apple are entering a new phase of virtual and augmented reality glasses. When it comes to virtual and augmented reality headsets providers, like HTC and Oculus, you would expect to see Apple up there by now with its own offering. Especially after seeing the patent applications back in Feb 2018.

Alas, they have not yet come to market with one. However, we’ve heard speculation for a while now that Apple is secretly developing a VR/AR headset. This month Apple seemed to have shifted into gear. A series of job postings went up looking for VR & AR expertise, graphic designers, product managers, AR/VR Demo Evangelist etc. It has also been reported that Kim Vorrath, who has led program management on software development teams for over 15 years, has now moved over to the AR and virtual reality team.

While the company has not confirmed anything, it has hinted that it will move beyond the capabilities of ARKit, that is its iOS augmented reality software toolkit. Which has lead to the speculation that Apple will offer AR glasses as an accessory to the iPhone.

Apple has also hired Nat Brown, a Valve VR team member. It is not known if Brown will continue to work on VR & AR technology within Apple. However his tweets are encouraging.

It has been previously reported that the project has been disbanded. This was following the early 2019 departure of former HoloLens creator Avi Bar-Zeev from the company. Bloomberg still believes that Apple will deliver. Saying that Apple is aiming to finish work on the augmented reality headset by 2019, with a finished product ready to ship in 2020.

Right now we can only sit tight and wait. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said back in 2016 that augmented reality use will become as common as “eating three meals a day”. We’re behind you Tim!

Tim Cook CEO Apple
Tim Cook CEO of Apple