What is ALAIRA and how can it improve your business?

Slanted Theory’s ALAIRA is an immersive data analytics tool that enables you to explore, analyse and present your data in an interactive environment. Our cloud-based technology is simple to set up, easy to use and lets you collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world, in real time.

In a world where data is king, ALAIRA uses virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to visualise all your data sets in multiple dimensions in a 3D setting. This means you can literally step inside your data, pull it apart and gain valuable insights surpassing those gleaned from data presented in a more traditional 2D graph or pie chart.

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The importance of data visualization for businesses

Data is indispensable in today’s technology-driven world, with vast amounts of it generated by businesses and users alike. Companies can make better and more informed strategic decisions by collecting, analysing and understanding this data and leveraging any insights.

But with data sets ever increasing in size and scale, traditional methods of displaying data through 2D charts and diagrams are becoming increasingly limited. ALAIRA enables you to visualise and analyse this data in multiple dimensions, meaning you can gain valuable insights in a way not previously possible.

Benefits of VR and AR technology in analytics

VR headsets may be most commonly associated with gamers but their ability to let you step inside a virtual world also makes them an invaluable business intelligence tool. ALAIRA uses VR and AR technology to delve into your data in a virtual environment, where you can literally pull it apart and drill down deep into your data sets.

Better still, ALAIRA enables you and your colleagues to work on the same data at the same time – regardless of where either of you are in the world. So your colleague in Beijing can be examining one data set, while you analyse another from the London office. You can then invite them ‘into your room’, highlight areas of interest or bookmark your observations to share your respective findings.

ALAIRA works best when used with a VR headset, where it can display 20,000 data points in a 10-dimension environment. A less-immersive version also works with AR technology on the latest tablets and smartphones, and even desktop users can view complex data visualisations using a touchpad and a mouse.

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Customer experience insights for enterprises

ALAIRA’s data visualisations are particularly useful for providing customer experience insights for large enterprises. Gerry Brown, research director at the International Data Corporation (IDC), recently highlighted the increasingly vital role that customer experience (CX) will play in corporate strategy.

“Customer experience is now central to both corporate business strategies and digital transformation initiatives,” he wrote in a blog post. “Future CX market growth is fuelled by omni-experience, which means not only the experience of end customers, but also your back-office and front office staff, your business partners, and your wider ecosystem and stakeholders. Across these communities the ‘3 Cs’ of consent, conversations, and customer journeys will embody the next generation of customer experiences.”

So if consent, conversations and customer journeys are key to the next generation of customer experiences, how can your company best leverage this? By analysing all your data with the aim of improving the customer journey. And this is where ALAIRA plays a vital role.

ALAIRA and customer experience in telecoms industry

Major telecoms providers, with multiple call centres and vast amounts of consumer data, can benefit from using ALAIRA to significantly improve their customer service, boost their customer retention rates and reduce churn risk.

Our collaborative data visualisation technology allows telecoms call centre managers to see all customer touchpoints – including online and on the phone – and historical information such as purchases. So bosses can examine how effectively teams are meeting targets, identify issues and make customer service improvements. Indeed, ALAIRA can speed up time to insight by 3 times, dependent on data complexity.

But it’s not all about improving the customer service experience, it’s about improving agent engagement and experience too. Insights from ALAIRA can help you optimise your workforce to get maximum benefit out of your team, streamline your operations and reduce costs. Indeed, Gartner’s 7 Steps to a Better Service Rep and Customer Experience report said that improving the rep experience made staff 19% more productive and increased customer satisfaction by 11%.

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What our clients say about ALAIRA

Slanted Theory joined forces with call centre technology giant Cisco Systems and Institute for the Future on the Organizational Network in Virtual Reality (ONVR) project. The partners worked together on a proof of concept that showed how emerging extended reality (XR) technologies, such as those used by ALAIRA, can be used to transform work and workplace relations by reshaping how we engage with our human networks.

Chuck Shipman, digital alchemist at Cisco, said: When I got into the experience, it was enough of a shock that it took my breath away. I was super excited. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I could be a bit of that data represented in there.

Slanted Theory, based in Sheffield also teamed up with major telecoms technology provider Genesys to display multiple data sets – including customer churn, customer journey, agent and operational data – within one 3D visualisation. Genesys used ALAIRA as an example of how innovative VR technology could be used by their customers to explore, understand and learn from vast data sets.

Technological requirements for ALAIRA

Our VR/AR technology may be futuristic but it doesn’t cost the earth. All you need to run the technology is a VR headset – HTC Vive or Vive Pro, or Oculus Rift – and a VR-ready computer with a NVIDIA 1070 or higher graphics card. And, as our platform is cloud-based, you can get ALAIRA up and running almost immediately.

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ALAIRA is a 3D data visualisation tool that enables companies with massive data sets to gain invaluable insights into their workflow in ways not possible with traditional methods. With a simple and cost-effective technology, no coding needed, you can more easily identify and address operational trends and bottlenecks to make your business run more efficiently.

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