ALAIRA Public Room

ALAIRA on Viveport

This week we launched ALAIRA on Viveport. Our public demo rooms will be available to download from Viveport, and are ready to explore as soon as you launch ALAIRA.

Customer Analytics

We have two rooms available to explore, our Customer Analytics Rooms, where we help you think about how data can change from 3D traditionals forms of graphs to something more interesting.

In this room you get to see four datasets brought together to look at call handling data, customer churn, agent data with CSAT and customer journey data.

We’ll show you a first step into what the possibility of immersive data can look like. How multiple datasets can be brought together to form new and exciting visualisations. How we do not need need multiple graphs for all your questions, and that multiple datasets can be brought together into one visualisation that can be explored and many levels.

Look at trends in your call handling and compare against other partners in seconds.

Global Open Data

Our second room holds open data on countries across the world, looking at health, employment and trust.

This visualisation room provides a heap map demonstrating the most trusted areas on the planet. You can then drill down and access data on employment, parliament, heath and agriculture.

Compare countries against each other easily, see the change in their number over many years.

Each globe contain a different data set, where you can look at quality of life, or trust in the countries government.

ALAIRA Public Room
Global Data

Multiple visualisations are so much more accessible in immersive technology. With e ability to get inside your data and look at it from perspectives you simply can’t with a monitor screen.

Therefore we’ll be opening up more rooms, so watch this space to find out when they will be available.

In the meantime download ALAIRA just head here. It’s available for use of the Vive/VivePro and Oculus Rift/Link our Quest version is coming soon.